; and the eyes of men love to cull the bloom of youth, but they turn aside from the old.





he was a sweet boy the one that thought he was in control and he was

beauty in his speech and the charisma dripped off his hair,

the softest touch and the sting of pain in contact

he wanted what we liked and his adrenaline was met with our characters’ stamina.

All alone no one has your hand,

hold my hand

he asked me and we were together

but one day a brick wall would meet that face

one day blood would meet our hands,

somewhere in our time we will burn each other

and in between he’ll ask me to rub his shoulders

remember- that?

Nothing else matters,

our song, our feelings and

we were destined for self destruction,

we weren’t free, tethered to one another

dedication was found in the foundation of our hearts

in the hearts’ of lovers, nothing else matters-

was she the only one- the first one

never have my eyes felt the burning of the sun-

the desert is dry and the sweat beads up on my face,

till the end- nothing else matters,

her’s was the heart of another,

in search for love

truth was given up for the ultimate sacrifice and never surrender,

we couldn’t see the future,

in the night our steps were hard to see

-your so far away

It was a time that can not be taken back a time that stands still in our lives the time when we were together is the time that we loved one another. I am filled with inspiration from the rancor of emotions you leave me feeling. There is no other ecstasy than the thought of your being. If one could be hurt from your memory it is only the loss of the greatest feeling one can have for someone, that debilitating electricity that stimulates an awkward pleasure.


and I have trouble believing my self,

I feel my body weakening, and I keep moving forward, there’s no turning back now,

its failing me, it’s getting me weaker and I can tell whats going on,

no complaining now, just keep pushing forward, straight to that wall,

it’ll be great… to stop and just be-

hit that wall

maybe break it maybe go through and not stop-

that’s wishful thinking, _____ ,your going to see this to the end, where ever it stops.