it means so much to me,
like a birthday or a pretty view-

Duran Duran
they say it and mean it

In BF-

"Life is (SO) good."


living with others

-death must not come and get me- looking for death was better than waiting for it to find someone-

death and more death, the details of littered peoples, filled the ground and even though you could see the sidewalk it was covered in mere places by greater things- bodies.

You are alone when no one is alive,

you are alone when you are dead.

Death was an illusion, a mirage of sorts in the epic scene of life, the panorama of reality.

if you have
a preference,
voice it.
if you have
a question
ask it.
if you want
to cry, bawl.
if you need
help, raise
your hand
and jump up
and down!


 your cynical about your cynicism

and you don’t need someone to affirm your cynicism to be cynical,

to deny merit in someones opinion is to deny your own merit,

so- you need affirmation of your skepticism

your opinion has as much merit as you allow others to have-


Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.Those who don’t believe in the magic will never find it!

Roald Dahl

Misspelling is just the first step in covering your tracks.


baby i’ve been waiting-

i’ve been waiting days and days-

i didn’t see the time-

now i’ve waitied,

half my life away-

-Leonard Cohen

321 action

 We have television,

The ancients have visuals-

civilization of the spectacle is cruel because,

spectators have no memory-

because of that, they also lack remorse and true penitence.

-Octavio Paz


 could we be an astronaut

To leave this world,

to be alone, and not lonely anymore, just forget,

remembering is loneliness

When thinking- my want is for you to forget

never remember, just remember forgetting,

and your ghost haunts me,

the atmosphere seems different,

but the air is the same,

people have been here before, and…

though now it seems out of the ordinary

time, tells a different story.

Master works of reality-

masters of reality,

masters of the universe,

in the end there’s just as much love as there was in the beginning,

and as anonymously as things start

they uncannily will end.

To go off world is normal even though no one is out side-

Time is reality’s reflux.

history of the self with others

things are zero, and without numbers we can not have 0-

see all the dimensions as gateways into one another, and minds.

To act one will do anything,

to live free one will act however one wishes,

restraints can tear our passions apart-

we have and always will be restrained

our profiles are unique and yet they define one another

social animals learn to live socially,

to talk to breakdown, deconstruct is only to love construction

within these walls your voice will be heard only by your self first.

If you read and think then hurt not those who wish to listen and talk to you

truth lies somewhere and it is history’s job the consciousness of your life that can feel

the hurt of others and the joy of their love,

there’s only one page, and we all are on the same chapter

its not an attempt to unify because there is no unity in something that is already whole

trust me,

you have to earn my trust he said

and the words rang in your ears, trust-

what is trust?

Is the definition acquired through the social life,

trust in nature is not the same as in humans-

even when the weather seems to be fine, a turn of events unfolds.

compounds make circumstances become infinitely chaotic

in the construction of reality-

if others have to earn your trust,

they need not trust you

trust others as much as you trust yourself-

here today gone tomorrow

act natural,

you took better care of me than yourself,

Not bad,

-don’t be sad,

hinder should not be between us.

Sorry, if I made you feel bad.

-I’m scared,

about, the- Future,

that way is selfish,

-selfish is a human word,

describes only an internal complex idea,

subject to change,

reason is my shield.

Reflection is used,

and reflection is different at times

-take care of self before me

but you take care of me more,

-because I’m taken care of-

These times are the best.


cypher complete

 i knew nothing-

I thought I could buy my self some time here, thought, I could blend in-

I had the…will but not the power.

And so…

They tried to get rid off me several times,

they tried to kill me,

several times I came so close to becoming one of them,

I thought I could trust them-

Thought that they were the same people I had come to know,

but, friends die to one another?

it’s the-

pathos of your stuckness , a path-

& there is good,

the beginning of the most perfect ending,

-the ash

-the smoke

-all in the background, it…

sets the stage with, the- design to reference.

Personal jealousy taken out, often you won’t have a sense of the atmosphere,

so we are quick to anger,

control over anger, it is, just-

The success of the the spirit of humanity in…

-you tell the story with subtleties, masked in metaphors-

the tragedy of one story, one character

one being-

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