the Again Cycle

Again, in a cycle of thought.

Again we started with a cycle of thoughts.

Once more- the impression of the cycle of thoughts.

It comes and goes but your reminded that the ending and the beginning will come again.

Again, it felt unusual to reoccupy the same space at a different time.

At the time the cycle is- perpetual, escape is impossible.

You couldn’t realize it, the end was being sketched out, ahead of time-

How could this be- Again?

Something other than what was going on was happening, again-

time is running out

All the time in the world,

the time has come, all the clocks had the wrong time

and still there was so much more time to

laugh it up

he was the type to act out scenes instead of singing songs when he was alone,

and he didn’t know any better- he asked me once to get away,

thinking back to all those times

we were lucky to have one another’s company,

and he asked me to get away, the thought process was stuck

and sometimes we miss the ones that make us who we are,

who we became-

He gave away everything he had to,

he gave me everything he had to give,

taking was my pleasure and giving was their error

and he asked me once again to get away.

my connection is fading out

All the wrong things had pointed me to the right choice.

At the same time-

You were the best that all my wrong choices pointed me to, delivered in shadows.

At the same time, it wasn’t my fault, it wasn’t your privilege, it was our blessing and all the time had been spent thinking of all the other things.

Our diplomatic manners had principles of ethics- but at the wrong time.

This message had been understood many times and it was only through trying to redefine old terms that proof was found and paved a path to the past.

-at the same time, Hearing what you wanted brought you back, to a different music. The harmony is off and the discord is present but at times the rhythm seems consistent.

Time Draws

The time had come and had gone.

-the here and the now was in present form and adequate but the future was deteriorating times’ presence in the now.

Tomorrow morning you said goodbye,

and it was just a dream, and you told me to save my prayers for later

The air was cool and crisp the wind bit at my skin and remembering your teeth

your presence was needed- draw my blood and mark me with your teeth

you don’t understand my words

we called it paradise, and all my prayers were answered-

when the channels were changed the screen didn’t change it said the same thing-

you felt the same and you didn’t let it show

feeling you like you should

you should be with us,

feeling like we do, but never will again.

time has a way of making me late-

side missions

time always invited himself even when his presence wasn’t called upon,

traveling to get away from time, had made me a lonely person- apart from all the other people

my acquaintances had helped me find wisdom by lending their knowledge to my benefits

my benefits

My fortune had turned


time was passing me by watching me day by day- going by, it all changed everything-

today was my first day as a comedian, it was like the first day honesty’s form became known

the time wasn’t taken but it gave the mind something to think about-

Blood Thinners-

A long time ago my childhood was taken away from me by myself

it wasn’t until they took you away that we met again under the same sky with different faces

my tiny words and meaningless feelings said nothing and kept themselves cool and distant

time was tearing apart who it was that wasn’t me and who it was that it could be

all my words became useless to myself and everything started again

racing towards the end didn’t help the distance, it still covered the same ground.

So we held hands for the first time, as teenagers after their times’, and far from one another.

A long time ago, things were funny in the beginning and now in the end, its funny how things will start-

The water’s so cold!
But let’s not worry!
It’s too late now.
It will always be too late. Fortunately!

again and now

time, was leaving me behind-

What else could happen,

we hadn’t seen it all- hadn’t seen the truth and it was a ways off.

Now and then, the beginning can be reminisced upon and when you don’t know is one thing but then again in the end it means something too.
It was real to feel the first rush, it’s never enough later on and then even later

it all becomes harder to see the glow around people and my light isn’t dark it just isn’t bright.

In the night the lights shine brighter and the real thing is to be submerged in darkness because during the day is not where it all comes from. The dark- Matter of facts depend, it is a bit amazing even a bit peculiar to think any answers that anyone prepossess is accurate.

time, Deconstruction- told me, let objects go, reserving beliefs for their doubts.


Thinking of beginnings and how beautiful things start

It dawned on me- how ugly, would this end.

Leaning toward getting some more, brought the reoccurring thought of the end- of death, and how the void was engulfing me wrapping itself around my essence. It was far too late, at any point now it will definitely be consuming, it will be the void that consumes, with its lack of essence- and the mystery can only be cured- once again into the fire, with arms wide opened my embrace held me, comfort warm, and self gratifying.

Looking into the nothing it was a long time, since the darkness crept out of its self and showed me the reflection of my face. It was a hallucination that brought me to know that it was my own self that had agreed to play games with my perception- the darkness is me and the void looks back and smiles because knowing was half understanding.

So long agony and despair with just myself- with my illusions my hallucinations must occur.


false positives…

ten more hours just six hours to my thoughts

the destination seems grandiose but delusions are selfish

destination of teaching thought

etiquette pieces

maybe those weren’t the right words, maybe this isn’t the right time, no

it was what was said, it is what was thought, it was and remains-

is it too much to ask…

to admit that our after thoughts are condemning,

judging curiously, at the past in the present-

in the moment is life,

and all the duality of the seconds’ that pass

dear Money,

 Letter of Unloved ,

money was a problem with the lover

all the time invested had become his payment

time lost.

be patient,when there’s no time left and no time at all

take your time,

-it’s just that there’s not a lot of time to spend

be on time, be clean, be more and a little less of the who you were a time ago

be nice, be friendly

money, if only money had , some more time

my thoughts can escape me and my time can escape them

what is time-

just moments-

my money was all put together to remember, my time

OK- going insane and time has always tried to push my self over the edge,

all that’s needed is a reason and two or three thoughts and the right currency to buy my time.

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