help the first time

It happens sometimes,
like walking in a door, peering around a corner for the the first time.
it can happen, it can feel like a new experience,
and what have you done recently that is new?
Manuel and good were on the same page in some times
this time,
a drink fell and it marked the departure from another dimension
 it was then- not far from believable that today someone could look you in your eyes and walk inside doors.
While jumping from dimensions and having to reconstruct time in order to move forward,
it wasn’t so far- this, after that happened and it became a time-
Dimensions collided for the first time but in a beautiful crisis.
When two worlds meet, when they don’t collide but coexist at the same vibration
It all made sense to break down and not make sense, it was then that all my lives came together.
At once it was time, slipping through the passageways of dimensions suspend my disbeliefs and allowed me to  communicate with possibilities.


the vacant thoughts of memory rang bells but different faces filled me for a short time,

it wasn’t until they understood that half empty was full that the two themes could smile upon one another.

control and sensibilities have nothing to do with deliveries and yet the water under the bridge must be chosen.

With birth comes future death,

thinking back it was today that need to be here yesterday and the day before, but vacant days have the chance to be filled later.

so now and then, perhaps the thoughts elude you escape your memories, and then again they feel fresh.

Spoiled with a rotten stench and a change of color it was then that definitions meant nothing.

It was only in death that i lived a moment.

the other day-

the last letter outlined too much and so little.

few words would ever be communicated,

its become somewhat difficult to have better days,

Everyday it gets better, every day comes and it was the last thing you said that rang in my ears-

over and over but never quite different

it doesn’t matter-

when things started off

my intentions were complicated

now and then

there are always the implications of my actions

Yesterday tomorrow and forever,

the flux paradise, a thin slice of reality and its imposition on the dreams of forever-

everything always changes and nothing is worth knowing unless its what I know

Yesterday came suddenly…

The plans hadn’t been made before everything was damaged goods

tomorrow is another full glass of water

Deconstruction of time took years and it wasn’t until my time had run out, that

everything made sense, if only the meantime had been the different times

this statement is false

all the time wasn’t spent in dimensional time and

the Again Cycle

Again, in a cycle of thought.

Again we started with a cycle of thoughts.

Once more- the impression of the cycle of thoughts.

It comes and goes but your reminded that the ending and the beginning will come again.

Again, it felt unusual to reoccupy the same space at a different time.

At the time the cycle is- perpetual, escape is impossible.

You couldn’t realize it, the end was being sketched out, ahead of time-

How could this be- Again?

Something other than what was going on was happening, again-

time is running out

All the time in the world,

the time has come, all the clocks had the wrong time

and still there was so much more time to

laugh it up

he was the type to act out scenes instead of singing songs when he was alone,

and he didn’t know any better- he asked me once to get away,

thinking back to all those times

we were lucky to have one another’s company,

and he asked me to get away, the thought process was stuck

and sometimes we miss the ones that make us who we are,

who we became-

He gave away everything he had to,

he gave me everything he had to give,

taking was my pleasure and giving was their error

and he asked me once again to get away.

my connection is fading out

All the wrong things had pointed me to the right choice.

At the same time-

You were the best that all my wrong choices pointed me to, delivered in shadows.

At the same time, it wasn’t my fault, it wasn’t your privilege, it was our blessing and all the time had been spent thinking of all the other things.

Our diplomatic manners had principles of ethics- but at the wrong time.

This message had been understood many times and it was only through trying to redefine old terms that proof was found and paved a path to the past.

-at the same time, Hearing what you wanted brought you back, to a different music. The harmony is off and the discord is present but at times the rhythm seems consistent.

Time Draws

The time had come and had gone.

-the here and the now was in present form and adequate but the future was deteriorating times’ presence in the now.

Tomorrow morning you said goodbye,

and it was just a dream, and you told me to save my prayers for later

The air was cool and crisp the wind bit at my skin and remembering your teeth

your presence was needed- draw my blood and mark me with your teeth

you don’t understand my words

we called it paradise, and all my prayers were answered-

when the channels were changed the screen didn’t change it said the same thing-

you felt the same and you didn’t let it show

feeling you like you should

you should be with us,

feeling like we do, but never will again.

time has a way of making me late-

side missions

time always invited himself even when his presence wasn’t called upon,

traveling to get away from time, had made me a lonely person- apart from all the other people

my acquaintances had helped me find wisdom by lending their knowledge to my benefits

my benefits

My fortune had turned


time was passing me by watching me day by day- going by, it all changed everything-

today was my first day as a comedian, it was like the first day honesty’s form became known

the time wasn’t taken but it gave the mind something to think about-

Blood Thinners-

A long time ago my childhood was taken away from me by myself

it wasn’t until they took you away that we met again under the same sky with different faces

my tiny words and meaningless feelings said nothing and kept themselves cool and distant

time was tearing apart who it was that wasn’t me and who it was that it could be

all my words became useless to myself and everything started again

racing towards the end didn’t help the distance, it still covered the same ground.

So we held hands for the first time, as teenagers after their times’, and far from one another.

A long time ago, things were funny in the beginning and now in the end, its funny how things will start-

The water’s so cold!
But let’s not worry!
It’s too late now.
It will always be too late. Fortunately!

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