-the hardest thing to see is what is visible.

thinking to my self

I think we all have problems, it just manifest its self differently from person to person. To be honest I have a problem with the way my body thinks, I have a tendency to over think “out”, and anyone who says they’ve never had a thought of doubt in them or their ups and downs seems a little unreal-

Anyways you should think about it, and if you want a thinker I’m here-


Broken hearts club,

broken things can only be thrown away, or kept as trash,

it was broken up

the pieces resembled an old relic

and it seems we’ve been here before,

to drive beyond the sunset

undo the past,

reboot the present relaunch the past,

redo the present,

there’s no going back its a one way trip

fluent in reality, my senses

doubt that they do me well,

and so perception is reason-


all my love letters are mailed to Alaska

just- to ask her

come back to me

come and you can see

she can relax between all the cracks

please just ask her

in a

love letter to Alaska,

all the stamps mark my defeat

if only it was OK to cheat

not sure all my words were meant to be pure

not like filtered water

or canon fodder

she won’t forget at all

my love letters are mailed to Alaska

in the form of choruses

—and when he finds himself bank-
rupt, both as regards reputation and
riches, he blames circumstances, not
knowing that he is the sole author of
his condition.


The outer world of circumstance
shapes itself to the inner world of thought, and both pleasant and unpleasant external conditions are factors which make for the ultimate good of the individual.


Giving up true love was hard- but easy when in search for ultimate Love.
That was my first mistake, the category that made me destined to be true.


cranberry juice reminded me of her,

a long time ago we talked, over the phone, for hours,

nothing was said and everything between was understood,

nothing else mattered except for the present future,

and time was being lived day to day just as it should with youth-

her touch was first and defining in- every step through seconds in my life,

and I fought not to be captured, held anchored to a world I was alienated from,

cranberry juice, is bitter and most things bitter are so sweet we just don’t know it.


the time has come, for ocean sands.


Something basic to occupy your mind helps with complicated thoughts.