change of weather

change of weather

in the cold of the night

 The air was cold with every breath-

the warmth of our words can slowly drift away safely

like a faint hint of a smell lingering in the air,

the snow would drift in and out of sight

Walking slowly in the middle of the woods,

the trees are bare,

still you can’t see thrtn13 feet in front

Walks in the snow are lonely and cold,

-was it too cold, to stop feeling the temperature drop

your hands have lost there blood flow-

lost your way in the snowflakes’ path

the night can be even colder with knee deep steps,

your heat will melt, you will be consumed,

getting immobile, the snow keeps falling,

your shoulders seem heavy but it’s the lack of flow

the lack of motivation

with the falling degrees, it’s cold and the snow is thick

Whence had it all gone- the sun had dropped and the cold air swiftly took over the night