Running slow-

this is what it had to be, no other way than the way it was

the equation,

he interrupted everyone all the time, just to blurt out the one thought inspired from what he had just heard, it’s just a story put into a situation

it was told he was the man that didn’t care, but all his resolve and the heart he wore on his shoulder showed his doubters his hate was his love,

to be known and to be remembered

to forget and not to remember,

being here has been so long,

the time has been passing me, never can you fall

and in the beginning the stature was tall but now it’s nothing at all,

the approach was much different but the landing was three points steady

remember to forget

when the idea escaped me, when time moved faster it was easier and now its slower

your wrong, that’s not the way it is- that’s backwards

control the effect not the cause and the result is mirrored,