although you might not have what it takes not to be, maybe there’s much more things that are greater for you to become? and just being able to be is something you can do along the way to achieving that. beauty is temporal- for humans on the outside, and inside so it should not be a lasting desire but merely something to show sequence in life-


-the walls were always there just not constructed,

now they are surrounding & there is protection in isolation

-never did we think that being alone, an animal that craves interaction,

only to dominate, and own, may be in harmony when by itself.

own your thoughts and own their truth-

company was once thought to be the security of a future,

now its a self fulfilling prophecy, to become the complete opposite of the thesis

its deconstruction leaves us alienated, owners not even of our selves’

my wrecking ball seeks not to destroy others but everyone,

including and not limited to those who already know

about me

my letters are just thrown together,

I just want you to know,

because I want to know,

and its a strange condition-

but I wanted to know

if you knew what I was writing,

because now I have a strange condition



-You have followed others?

Never once could we do what we want just limited everything to a conformist halt, and monitored our every reaction. Followed the words of the old, followed the acts of the young. History is now telling us to be someone, and to act a certain way.

All the many influences and you haven’t been truthful with your self, and it’s not going to help when we aren’t around.

So when you talked did you talk to yourself, or just all those people who rather decide your life instead of theirs. In the end it’s funny how things are seen. Only perspective can be as deceptive at unbalancing the scales. Justice, is time masked in memories of the past, and judgment is reserved for your guilt. The most insecure feeling is guilt, the emotionally lost will tremble at the self inflicted sacrifice of your bleeding. When it was done you looked around and asked is it right? Don’t be mad, just don’t hate me. She was hated but your just another. Rename and regain, resume, and remember, all that is, was already and will not matter when your forgotten.


my love was

my betrayal,

its venom coursed

through veins of self hate,

my drug was love

loved my drugs,

it consumed as much as it did good,

little by little,

stakes are doubled

there is- only one way out

reason your addiction

its obvious-

the end is but a matter of time,

things will happen

hate will happen

too quick and too slow-

once upon a time,

love betrayed its addiction to hate.


It’s hard to be wrong when everybody’s right-

It’s hard to be right when everybody’s wrong,


A jacket made of broken glass is all looks,

He talked about the jacket and immediately the thought was that it had to be mine. To posses the objects of the other is to say- you see something of yourself in something else, or rather this is the part of you that you do not have/ posses and its just a matter of time before others desire what you have in themselves. So the story goes that time passed and then the opportunity to be someone else arises and then your wearing that jacket, you own it but its not enough and now others desire you. Whats in an object that no others have- whats in a name that is just the same-thing, that it was in the first place. Now they see your jacket- its only a matter of time before some other wants it. In the beginning– a jacket made of glass was so beautiful now beauty has changed but that’s not the end now you don’t want it, you have a jacket made of broken glass.


have you ever scared your self,

taken your limits to meet you and told them how easy you can break them

returning to your grave did you think that you would see your downfall,

think of all the times-

when action took a backseat to responsibility and thought-

this is the death of me- the life for me.


never knew self-

the me,the one, -that was suppose to, always be there -who was it all these years living my life, was it not a diffrent person that we became after years of experience? When we recede to the depths of our mind and we rethink of the concept of me of myself can we not see that we can only discover something of time-

history of the self with others

things are zero, and without numbers we can not have 0-

see all the dimensions as gateways into one another, and minds.

To act one will do anything,

to live free one will act however one wishes,

restraints can tear our passions apart-

we have and always will be restrained

our profiles are unique and yet they define one another

social animals learn to live socially,

to talk to breakdown, deconstruct is only to love construction

within these walls your voice will be heard only by your self first.

If you read and think then hurt not those who wish to listen and talk to you

truth lies somewhere and it is history’s job the consciousness of your life that can feel

the hurt of others and the joy of their love,

there’s only one page, and we all are on the same chapter

its not an attempt to unify because there is no unity in something that is already whole

-trying not to be yourself is difficult at times,


If you haven’t found your self,

-don’t take long,

Like chasing your tail,

an endless cycle is difficult to stop-

-just look for the shadow you cast, the imprint