to succeed is to conquer

to conquer is to succeed to be your own enemy is to be your greatest undoing,

and it’s ones own self that really should be ones best doing. It’s a metaphor for being the greatest foe to ever be encountered in life. In reality the obstacles of the environment lends it to manipulate the sculpting of the self development.

Simply can’t be tested but may be attested. The thing that it is, is hidden from us and present at the same time. As if though because reality does not require us to be present all the time in mind in body in some cases, one can be absent minded and completely immobilize through deliberation.

Mirrored with all the tainted colors of compounding factors one’s own consultation has rendered the ability of conference with all of humanity. Objectively drop the veil that all preconceived notions should entail in our actions and then evaluate the genesis of your reasoning. The spawn of ideas will arrive into a world encompassing universal revelation of thinking. The utility of such brain-work is a rational discussion with yourself.

When it reveals itself, you can hide confront, or become anew with a vision that you are more than one you are the individual- the one- that usurper of the many.