dear Alaska,

I’m never as much in Love with you as when your not with me.

Time after time and day after day of our months together,

my feelings were never as resonating

discord was left to shelter us away from one another

it failed in the end, it wasn’t what it was

it wasn’t, It was a privileged failure

Your company left me lonely, to feel your presence left me privileged.

Saying goodbye was hard and understanding how to like it was my responsibility, to fall for you one last time to fall for your memory, your haunting impression upon my past.

side missions

time always invited himself even when his presence wasn’t called upon,

traveling to get away from time, had made me a lonely person- apart from all the other people

my acquaintances had helped me find wisdom by lending their knowledge to my benefits

my benefits

My fortune had turned


time was passing me by watching me day by day- going by, it all changed everything-

today was my first day as a comedian, it was like the first day honesty’s form became known

the time wasn’t taken but it gave the mind something to think about-


false positives…

ten more hours just six hours to my thoughts

the destination seems grandiose but delusions are selfish

destination of teaching thought

thinking to my self

I think we all have problems, it just manifest its self differently from person to person. To be honest I have a problem with the way my body thinks, I have a tendency to over think “out”, and anyone who says they’ve never had a thought of doubt in them or their ups and downs seems a little unreal-

Anyways you should think about it, and if you want a thinker I’m here-


follow me through to the next level,

this is what it is not

this is what it was suppose to be,

disagree because you agree-

pleasantly forming the next thought come back when availability is unknown


although you might not have what it takes not to be, maybe there’s much more things that are greater for you to become? and just being able to be is something you can do along the way to achieving that. beauty is temporal- for humans on the outside, and inside so it should not be a lasting desire but merely something to show sequence in life-


Holding the key to solve your problems can be a self defeating practice wandering lost at the beginning- your on a path that, its unseen destination, seems out of reach- two steps ahead of you lies the final quest the beckoning of the journey’s path is whispering in your subconscious.




cleaning lost its meaning

and the world knows

it was close to godliness,

so we regress

to best us within


never jarred just scared the story started and

when things began choice was easy, and nothing could stand in the way of the green light, the will of power. And mistakes were made over and over new scenarios and many more layers of errors in terrors-



the youth and innocence

the outside thinking,

accidents happen-

what a wonderful philosophy,

they’re not worth any of your tears


don’t bother he said to the monster,

I’m going to kill my self

I’ve already made the decision before you finished

it’s so I have control-

boys don’t dance

Yes conditional dancing,

you wanted me to dance, had you met me before you’d know-

he doesn’t like to dance,

you found me dancing

infected with a solitary condition.

We were dancing like we had rhythm to spare,

melody was carrying my every step through solitary solidity.

Angry dancing became the spirit

it was all stylish-

scandalous, automatic,

without an inner observance.

existential import

Harmonious lucidity over seas-

if you see birds land is near, the birds don’t fly that way,

following my reality to its end & my reality follows its end

hope is just having enough life, to take me to the next level

alone and venturing forward, speaking of which land to go to

its no waste to go nowhere or there or anywhere

In Reality

-this is no fun_

my writing was slowing down

and its not special, the way it is-


to the end, and…

see things!-

one day the choice has to be made,

the end is never seen when its near,

it’s not sad, and it’s not funny

it is the end of the beginning

reality will be gone, when before we were

when it was before

my words are scared, they see the end-

because they’re scared to go somewhere else

without me,

the end is nothing.

shallow thoughts

 Too much of the bad and the not so pretty can make you prefer the beautiful.

sometimes the best thing about getting burned is never letting it happen again- amongst turmoil one always feels engulfed within its waves cresting upon us- and the rapid recycled energy has a way of-

being repetitive, but in the end an intrigue for the new and the unknown is the catalyst for diminishing a bad memory.

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