She rubbed her lips. “You need to know why women are silent,” she said. “you need to know why Heaven refuses to give light and the stars refuse to shine. You need to know that it takes to make a thang go right, and that a woman is something that pays ten cents for a cup of coffee to sit at a lunch counter and blow smoke in men’s faces.This and more you need to know.”

-Ricardo Cortez Cruz

A jacket made of broken glass is all looks,

He talked about the jacket and immediately the thought was that it had to be mine. To posses the objects of the other is to say- you see something of yourself in something else, or rather this is the part of you that you do not have/ posses and its just a matter of time before others desire what you have in themselves. So the story goes that time passed and then the opportunity to be someone else arises and then your wearing that jacket, you own it but its not enough and now others desire you. Whats in an object that no others have- whats in a name that is just the same-thing, that it was in the first place. Now they see your jacket- its only a matter of time before some other wants it. In the beginning– a jacket made of glass was so beautiful now beauty has changed but that’s not the end now you don’t want it, you have a jacket made of broken glass.

-my reality is abstract, realism left the door open and postmodernism created more than an absurd view, it’s throwing everyone out the window, if they don’t sing a rhyme, and sing it on time. Time, is speeding up to slow-motion, & -sophistication of the primitive should be the subscript.

break the pain away

 Time passes and all

things change,

nothing matters when your not around

but all we have is the dead

understood, is to not understand,

not know is to know,

and to receive and redistribute

is change and progress,

reflection of feelings

power of unity

power of opposites

it never ends well when it starts well,


it wasn’t until i got it that i could let it go-