dear Money,

 Letter of Unloved ,

money was a problem with the lover

all the time invested had become his payment

time lost.

be patient,when there’s no time left and no time at all

take your time,

-it’s just that there’s not a lot of time to spend

be on time, be clean, be more and a little less of the who you were a time ago

be nice, be friendly

money, if only money had , some more time

my thoughts can escape me and my time can escape them

what is time-

just moments-

my money was all put together to remember, my time

OK- going insane and time has always tried to push my self over the edge,

all that’s needed is a reason and two or three thoughts and the right currency to buy my time.

-your so far away

It was a time that can not be taken back a time that stands still in our lives the time when we were together is the time that we loved one another. I am filled with inspiration from the rancor of emotions you leave me feeling. There is no other ecstasy than the thought of your being. If one could be hurt from your memory it is only the loss of the greatest feeling one can have for someone, that debilitating electricity that stimulates an awkward pleasure.