Life isn’t about
Waiting for the
Storm to pass.
Its about learning
How to dance
In the rain…

Vivian Greene
side missions

time always invited himself even when his presence wasn’t called upon,

traveling to get away from time, had made me a lonely person- apart from all the other people

my acquaintances had helped me find wisdom by lending their knowledge to my benefits

my benefits

Limited Learning

The dilemma had been set in motion a long time ago in the development of a personality.

All the time alone with only the left at hand

and years later in the captivity of the right-

Demons and angels had followed this human’s life-

in the form of friends and family.

Drug of choice, is far different than order of introduction and as so, many of my drugs came to me-

In my youth, there was an interest of the unknown.

She was OK-

Later in the beginning, finding the one

it can be a smoke screened realism the fleeting glimpse that’s missed out of the corner of your eye

she was the first and because so- her place is infinite and static, temporal, and crystallized.

Diablo played very heavy- his tight rope could be made into an old noose around the sweaty skin of one’s neck.

His color was magnetic candy apple red- and your own blood will be sacrificed in order not to surrender. The smell of oxidized iron reminds you its only the first stage before your loss is too much, the magnetic feeling of the loss of guard.

Gold outlines the suggestive frame and accents its structure.


The devil’s angel wore a cross around her neck and pleasantly invited a stay, and a forthcoming interaction had been predetermined.

All this time,

thought was natural,

but time had made the effects of the evils and virtues of life mold him in a blunt way.

Battered and healed the journey was one without an ending.

To be or not to be, to forgive and to be forgiven,

those who forgive best have been forgiven

and the last thing you do is a mere manifestation, of the first act someone taught you.

My right and my left taught me to divide and beset upon others the true wisdom of goodness. Spiritually devoid the path of the inner self is godless and omnipotent.

Passions of a body’s feelings, crippled the host to an incapacity to free the self from the dilemma.

you can not teach what you do not know.


-life should be, an everday class.