A couple of Weeks Ago

How are you doing today, sir?

Well- or maybe unwell.

I see-

So is there anything else you want to add?

Well…, I am here aren’t I? the in-it times don’t come with an example to draw from.

To be direct, it all ended a couple of weeks ago-

The black cloud, oh its a metaphor i know all to well and

if I could just know

what do you want to know?

-How do you know now when it all started? or ended?

I don’t that’s how it keeps me on my toes you know-

well it’s better that way


there’s only one we can know for sure,

of what we know

we’re doing our own things

In my dreams,

we played a game, and you asked me what rules to play by-

if we were alone, we could never have found something different,

It was all the other things

that made me want to be a little bit, different

and it was all those others that made me want to be me

it was

and it now is,



things are never as they seem,

and there are given-s and takes

no rights

no wrongs,


but different

and patience

has weight like gravity and nothing like genocide


it never sounded better than when spoken from your own mouth

thanks for telling the truth its value is not static,

different times call for the same actions,

forget about the slap stick mouth wash, and the blind sided.

Change lanes,

and think about it,

what was the real question about?

life, death the meaning-

to live is to die, but to die is to not live.

life was for the sell outs for the up and comers the new kids on the block

oh those girls just love the crazy boys


it means so much to me, to see this- it was just a matter of time, like gravity

the unknown force says, goodbye

do what makes you happy- thats all

So this conversation has to happen- that’s what you think.

the most important thing is to just do , don’t over think don’t second guess,

do it how you want to do it, my way.

does it matter how to feel

how do you feel?

does anything change

do you want to hear what to say

where does what to say come from,

nothing can change the past-

to be in love and to feel love for someone,

we can’t be sold on love & security

And then,

there’s a couple of things to remember about, the then and the now-

purpose changes, and it’s hard sometimes to remember and within time there’s feelings

saying good bye was always hard when traveling, in the end though one always comes home-

sometimes home has no heart

goodbye time, goodbye-

letting go was easy when you had only to get rid of time, only to forget the past

it was all too easy and it means more just to waste times

the house was abandoned and she yelled at the top of her lungs.

cough up the blood and tell me what it taste like,

Acid in the mouth with a foul feeling in the stomach,

something was wrong, something was the matter-

My broken heart told me my last poem was based on a true story

it won’t help-

this changes nothing.

dating death

Everything happens in one direction few things are done once.

-everything gets done nothing is left to waste

no one dies and

who needs not be taken care off by themselves

you are the easiest variable to manage,

when this began the essence of the script was written-

you said you couldn’t and denied the acclaims

but now, after all this time your ready,

ready to be your end and know the path is set ahead

there was no message other than the one left for the death date-

-How will they respond

under real pressure?

-As with all living things…

each according to his gifts.


it is

much better in person

in words there is less


execution is delayed

but the threats of a day are misshapen

in the past

welcome to the now

and then

come forward to me

to us

you were dirty

but the eyes are telescopic

be careful,

the clarity of ice is slippery

think twice

persuasion lends its self to our hands

the sound of the wind can be heard, indoors


silence falls around us with a curtain to mask outsiders

your not so dirty when your natural

holding hands we walk in our thoughts barely knowing one another-


false positives…

ten more hours just six hours to my thoughts

the destination seems grandiose but delusions are selfish

destination of teaching thought

etiquette pieces

maybe those weren’t the right words, maybe this isn’t the right time, no

it was what was said, it is what was thought, it was and remains-

is it too much to ask…

to admit that our after thoughts are condemning,

judging curiously, at the past in the present-

in the moment is life,

and all the duality of the seconds’ that pass

thinking to my self

I think we all have problems, it just manifest its self differently from person to person. To be honest I have a problem with the way my body thinks, I have a tendency to over think “out”, and anyone who says they’ve never had a thought of doubt in them or their ups and downs seems a little unreal-

Anyways you should think about it, and if you want a thinker I’m here-


although you might not have what it takes not to be, maybe there’s much more things that are greater for you to become? and just being able to be is something you can do along the way to achieving that. beauty is temporal- for humans on the outside, and inside so it should not be a lasting desire but merely something to show sequence in life-


Told him- it was no easy task.

the most painful thing will be painless,

the heroic value of truth-

and finally it is done the end is near

without me

it was always going to happen but to be or not to be-

it was my decision it was my way that it happened

in the end it was better to choose than to be chosen

in the end

it was done

my way-


he told me not to talk to you

he told me,

there was something inside of you-

and the same thing has happened to me,

tell me what it is that runs around in a sealed box

how can something escape from within a safe-