Bloody Lips

It was the blood spilling out of my mouth.

The words barely coming out-

My eyes are losing their life,

hope was lost and still my faith is strongest.

With your words in my head.

* * *

Falling for death, falling for failure, and Loving her drew my desires out.

Her blood tasted so good.

Her scent was full of iron and crimson in colour.

Asking her to cut her skin she replied only after you taste the blood I sacrifice-

On my knees under the beauty of the Sun it tasted like no other has

My tastes were young

my initiation was over

Like a beast after knowing its desires

My actions were uncoordinated

It was she who pushed me to kill for her,

But my Love for her drove beyond reason

It was hell where my last days would be spent with my lovely death looking down upon me

Tempting me with more futile actions she asked for more blood to be spilled in Her name

My time had come and gone, the end was already neigh-

Fast forward

Lets not mince with action and much less words.

* * *

waiting for someone to come out of somewhere

I cut my self yesterday-

carved your name into my skin.


Bleeding out, the blood made my feelings go away-

Once you drew my blood and it hurt so good

Now the memory cuts deeper than it should-

it was the pleasure of your mouth

Like the last breath of my heroic suicide, you let my knife outline the pain under the Sun that day.

It was only in death that i lived a moment.


Death is the leveling agent-

My so Called Death

Have i told you lately about Death? You make me whole and having you so far far away makes me yearn for your presence and nothing compares to your company and all your beauty.

Can I close my eyes- see your lips and feel your eyes pierce my heart?

your hair’s so soft-

Death can understand how a man can push forward even through the most difficult of times.
Not sure why i wanted to say these things other just because you drive me crazy- in a good way,

if I’m being honest.

Yours, and you cry mine

death, you know what to say-

it was mistake to enslave me,

she marked me, with her torture

short of breath, my body isn’t sweating, and it’s hard to see

what was going on was nothing to do with self abuse,

how had this all come to be?

murder, rape, these things had never crossed my mind other than, being better than cancer.

it can’t take me down, but my body’s sick

her bite made me melt, and her taste gave me life.

There’s nothing to lose, nothing to gain, there’s nothing waiting for me- Or so thinking to myself allows me to do what it is that happens every other time.

Men fear death as children fear to go in the dark; and as that natural fear in children is increased with tales, so is the other.

F. Bacon


dating death

Everything happens in one direction few things are done once.

-everything gets done nothing is left to waste

no one dies and

who needs not be taken care off by themselves

you are the easiest variable to manage,

when this began the essence of the script was written-

you said you couldn’t and denied the acclaims

but now, after all this time your ready,

ready to be your end and know the path is set ahead

there was no message other than the one left for the death date-

dear Money,

 Letter of Unloved ,

money was a problem with the lover

all the time invested had become his payment

time lost.

be patient,when there’s no time left and no time at all

take your time,

-it’s just that there’s not a lot of time to spend

be on time, be clean, be more and a little less of the who you were a time ago

be nice, be friendly

money, if only money had , some more time

my thoughts can escape me and my time can escape them

what is time-

just moments-

my money was all put together to remember, my time

OK- going insane and time has always tried to push my self over the edge,

all that’s needed is a reason and two or three thoughts and the right currency to buy my time.

body armor off, masks on

god of thought had a son

taken away,

his thoughts explored evils and goods

after much time apart

knowledge met wisdom

instigating with nature

death could come, around any corner

thought met the prodigal son

once again they met-

home again my son

ready to die

leave this shell of a body

it’s a proud day when

god’s son is ready to die

Animated Desires

it was useless to think-

He would dig up the dead with you-

visit a burial ground and extract the fluids from their bodies.

-ours’ will come out later, written in blood, our approbation will be felt,

and the dead have no place near the living, thebeing-

there’s a faint smell and it seems we’ve been here before,

when we dug up the dead, we were young

the bones had not yet broken down

it was useless to think-

desires animate

This is the third time; I hope good luck lies in odd
numbers…There is divinity in odd numbers, either in
nativity, chance or death.



Then if you see a man resentful that
he is going to die, isn’t this proof enough
for you that he’s no lover of wisdom after
all, but what we may call a lover of the body?




living with others

-death must not come and get me- looking for death was better than waiting for it to find someone-

death and more death, the details of littered peoples, filled the ground and even though you could see the sidewalk it was covered in mere places by greater things- bodies.

You are alone when no one is alive,

you are alone when you are dead.

Death was an illusion, a mirage of sorts in the epic scene of life, the panorama of reality.

the philosophical life is the art of death-




it may concern-

life and death-

jumping out of windows, on TV

it was not a movie, and it was not a show

there- were no actors- no comedians

People- have died from jumping out of windows-

-jump out of a window two stories high

when your young & dumb-

jumped out of a window just for fun-

two hops- a ledge- a swing- a fall-

when we went to school we learned to leave-

the teachers helped us jump



the youth and innocence

the outside thinking,

accidents happen-

what a wonderful philosophy,

they’re not worth any of your tears


don’t bother he said to the monster,

I’m going to kill my self

I’ve already made the decision before you finished

it’s so I have control-

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