Midnight Daydreams

wanting to be chosen was a matter of freewill

to be chosen is to be touched by nature,

sunsets are nothing without being seen

retract and go back and remember

super amazing, take a picture- time is where you live

in the stream of reality the grave is just ahead

pointing in no direction is free-

will is determined by circumstances and we went on a trip once

my freewill came and left and now it’s mellow and the lights are out,

listening to myself the meditation comes and then goes

the words the thoughts are all programed

and the microphone is amplifying all my fears

turn off the lights let me be of before and of later,

how long has it been

since a long time ago

Reality has big Gnats

On the move,

going way to fast to even stop




nothing’s bad until- you hurt someone,

taking away, is not just-



prevention is just,

save me I’m going fast,

the decision was made,

from time to time

you are young

until you are older

you will be the same person-

through the consequences of actions

we act- to take, and react.

Trying to stay focused

your lost in thought

of whats next,

hesitating has no place with action

speeding down the road

test the strength of the limits-


decisions approach faster.

Action necessary

between road blocks-

having thought of the unnecessary will help-

with improbable scenarios manifesting themselves-

out of imaginable sacrifices of thought.



the youth and innocence

the outside thinking,

accidents happen-

what a wonderful philosophy,

they’re not worth any of your tears


don’t bother he said to the monster,

I’m going to kill my self

I’ve already made the decision before you finished

it’s so I have control-