Wild Oat

Bromus ramosus

helps you to determine what

to do with your life, when you

are undecided about which

path to takewild


fagus sylvatica

helps you to be more tolerant

 and see the positive in others

 despite their imperfections



Calluna vulgaris

helps you listen to and

empathize with others rather

than being overly concerned and

talkative about your own affairs

Crab Apple

Malus pumila

helps you accept your physical

imperfections and feel better

about the way you are


Rock Rose

Helianthemum nummularium

adds courage and presence of

mind in the face of terror or

extreme fear


Quercus robur

allows the naturally strong to

take a break rather than

struggle on without rest

Aesculus carnea


allows you to love without

anxiety or fear for the

well-being of your loved ones


Vitis vinifera

allows you to develop your

natural leadership skills without

being domineering or inflexible


Olea europaea

restores energy when you are

physically and mentally



populus tremula

replaces apprehension and

vague fears with a sense of

security and peace of mind


Gentiana amarelle

inspires a positive attitude

when you feel discouraged or

despondent due to setbacks


Cichorium intybus

Helps you let go of those you

Care for, allowing them to lead

Their own lives

lonicera caprifolium


helps you put memories of the

past into proper perspective if

you are feeling homesick or

overly nostalgic

Wild Rose

helps you feel interest and joy

in life when you feel apathetic

and resigned to the situation

you are in


Centaurium umbellatum

helps you take care of your

own needs and assert yourself

if you find it hard to say

no to others

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