the vacant thoughts of memory rang bells but different faces filled me for a short time,

it wasn’t until they understood that half empty was full that the two themes could smile upon one another.

control and sensibilities have nothing to do with deliveries and yet the water under the bridge must be chosen.

With birth comes future death,

thinking back it was today that need to be here yesterday and the day before, but vacant days have the chance to be filled later.

so now and then, perhaps the thoughts elude you escape your memories, and then again they feel fresh.

Spoiled with a rotten stench and a change of color it was then that definitions meant nothing.


We aren’t suppose to mince words and my age allows me to be direct so let it be known

remember that once upon a time your shoes were mine but mine were worn under circumstance,

well time is not forgiving me for my past, presently my actions seem blunt, but there’s a time for the conspicuous. In offense no offense must be taken with being direct- my order of events has come and gone.

Returning to how things happen how things happened there was no sense of confidence that comes from just being and negotiating with how things should be and how things will be slows the process down- it protects nothing and fears everything.

Happily ever after-

On the way to school it was hard to pretend hard to forget of the truth of how things were, shallow waters allowed me to see the bottom and the reflection wasn’t clear but getting closer made me see things.

Seeing things for what their parts were for what they were injected with, the essence of so many other things, failure to concentrate allows you to forget the things you see when last we forgot the drugs were bad and the last time she forgot was in the arms of another day with another person,

robbing all of my possibilities all my actions seemed to force me to act in only one way- the war with reality was constant and it seems that unknown forces push us in the direction we least wish to see us go. Choose sides between evils of different kinds.

She was kind and he didn’t know why…

Involved in her own ways and inverted thoughts he was no part of her she was him and reflecting her self off others gave them the satisfaction of empty beauty.


false positives…

ten more hours just six hours to my thoughts

the destination seems grandiose but delusions are selfish

destination of teaching thought


like to have something you had no idea of.

The after reflection in pride, and shame.

With all admiration in the world ,

there is nothing like loyalty,

a gracious resolve, and a reservoir of hope.

Reality has big Gnats

On the move,

going way to fast to even stop




nothing’s bad until- you hurt someone,

taking away, is not just-



prevention is just,

save me I’m going fast,

the decision was made,

from time to time

you are young

until you are older

you will be the same person-

through the consequences of actions

we act- to take, and react.

Trying to stay focused

your lost in thought

of whats next,

hesitating has no place with action

speeding down the road

test the strength of the limits-


decisions approach faster.

Action necessary

between road blocks-

having thought of the unnecessary will help-

with improbable scenarios manifesting themselves-

out of imaginable sacrifices of thought.

What is hard today is to censor one’s own thoughts—-
To sit by and see the blind man
On the sightless horse, riding into the bottomless

Arthur Waley


when one man, for
whatever reason, has
the opportunity to lead
an extraordinary life,
he has no right to
keep it to himself.

shallow thoughts

 Too much of the bad and the not so pretty can make you prefer the beautiful.

sometimes the best thing about getting burned is never letting it happen again- amongst turmoil one always feels engulfed within its waves cresting upon us- and the rapid recycled energy has a way of-

being repetitive, but in the end an intrigue for the new and the unknown is the catalyst for diminishing a bad memory.

A jacket made of broken glass is all looks,

He talked about the jacket and immediately the thought was that it had to be mine. To posses the objects of the other is to say- you see something of yourself in something else, or rather this is the part of you that you do not have/ posses and its just a matter of time before others desire what you have in themselves. So the story goes that time passed and then the opportunity to be someone else arises and then your wearing that jacket, you own it but its not enough and now others desire you. Whats in an object that no others have- whats in a name that is just the same-thing, that it was in the first place. Now they see your jacket- its only a matter of time before some other wants it. In the beginning– a jacket made of glass was so beautiful now beauty has changed but that’s not the end now you don’t want it, you have a jacket made of broken glass.

Misspelling is just the first step in covering your tracks.

321 action

 We have television,

The ancients have visuals-

civilization of the spectacle is cruel because,

spectators have no memory-

because of that, they also lack remorse and true penitence.

-Octavio Paz

my av-uh-kah-doh

They say once you reach the speed of light time starts to move, Slowly.

Its been just one second and I’ve already started to miss you.

But, when light rays pass one another their speed is equal to one another-

and, I’ve started to miss you already.

Seconds are like letters put together, time makes words, letters words, thoughts seconds,

My words are just the thoughts in between seconds-

-put together

-they say

-i miss you.


Something basic to occupy your mind helps with complicated thoughts.