outside, dipped in reality,

everyone laughs at it-

move slowly so as not to be heard,

it sticks sometimes like sweat


cypher complete

 i knew nothing-

I thought I could buy my self some time here, thought, I could blend in-

I had the…will but not the power.

And so…

They tried to get rid off me several times,

they tried to kill me,

several times I came so close to becoming one of them,

I thought I could trust them-

Thought that they were the same people I had come to know,

but, friends die to one another?

it’s the-

pathos of your stuckness , a path-

& there is good,

the beginning of the most perfect ending,

-the ash

-the smoke

-all in the background, it…

sets the stage with, the- design to reference.

Personal jealousy taken out, often you won’t have a sense of the atmosphere,

so we are quick to anger,

control over anger, it is, just-

The success of the the spirit of humanity in…

-you tell the story with subtleties, masked in metaphors-

the tragedy of one story, one character

one being-