Koonut- Kaliffee

There’s a folder with a love affair in it. All the letters that I had to respond to.

Mixed emotions can fill you quickly when your a romantic, and it was time that made me.

All the letters had dripped down my fingertips, all the words had perspired from my thoughts.

My mistakes were ours to share and this is the first time in my life that its happened.

It makes me feel so good to talk to you and when we weren’t- the words were filling my head.

It’s all those thoughts in my head, in my words that make love to your mind, and its me who’s the foolish one, love is not an affair to be played with.

Outrunning desire is a feeling that neglects thought- and lock your mind around the truth-

The desires were in my mind, locked together, my words touched me when they touched the other, feeling like we do but never will again. Drawn together we had become- a fire of water.

Koonut- Kaliffee. Minds locked together-