All my letters are sent to Alaska-

Didn’t know anyone so far away as in Alaska,

Once she said she was far away and gone in Alaska, from her friend.

To her-

All my letters will bequeath the emotion of a humanity with compassion

To be right you must understand wrong.

Some countries don’t have any mail

All my letters will go to a place where there’s no mail

My words were stolen and reused and recycled and that’s only two steps

One step short of my surrender allowed me to understand my sacrifice

My letters told her about some things that were felt yesteryears away

And All My letters are sent to Alaska-

the other day-

the last letter outlined too much and so little.

few words would ever be communicated,

its become somewhat difficult to have better days,

Everyday it gets better, every day comes and it was the last thing you said that rang in my ears-

over and over but never quite different

it doesn’t matter-

when things started off

my intentions were complicated

now and then

there are always the implications of my actions


dear Alaska,

I’m never as much in Love with you as when your not with me.

Time after time and day after day of our months together,

my feelings were never as resonating

discord was left to shelter us away from one another

it failed in the end, it wasn’t what it was

it wasn’t, It was a privileged failure

Your company left me lonely, to feel your presence left me privileged.

Saying goodbye was hard and understanding how to like it was my responsibility, to fall for you one last time to fall for your memory, your haunting impression upon my past.

future letters

Dear Alaska,

You told me you were far away, you told me it wasn’t the same, you told me it wasn’t what it used to be.

One day you won’t be in the “so far away”.

One day, my path will catch up to yours, but your footsteps will remind me you were only there-

You told me a long time ago to “let go”,

and its been lost since you said that.

My imagination runs wild,

my reasoning is pretty vacant,

and so it amuses me to think your stuck in my mind

in my memories and

you aren’t who it was you were

this is something different.

When did we start talking to one another? It was months ago-

Well its been years now and your still there,

-you tell me who’s right and who’s not “so my type”, you tell me to remember

and our time can never be forgotten

what you taught me, what you told me-

was what was given to you, & was granted to me in passing.


although you might not have what it takes not to be, maybe there’s much more things that are greater for you to become? and just being able to be is something you can do along the way to achieving that. beauty is temporal- for humans on the outside, and inside so it should not be a lasting desire but merely something to show sequence in life-


dear Alaska,

it’s taken too long to leave the subtropics

my skin yearns to feel the cool chill of the evening night

my blood’s warm with your withdrawal

all the circumstances tell me you’ve forgotten who we used to be


we fought them-

all internal conflicts and

struggles for power, make me wish you were here-

year after year- it’s becoming more futile to struggle

one day my promise will be kept-

for you, for justice, for what’s in my words are more than

defining terms,

voice trembles with soul

lust, anger and passion drive me insane,

Alaska your so far

my every step forward distracts our reunion

is it too late to be on time-

reluctant moves

we didn’t stop we just didn’t resist

your yelling and we haven’t even started fighting

it’s built up all the things that have happened,


it hurt your feelings and it’s not fair

for either of us evil is devious-

this is just another letter, just another attempt.

Waiting in hell for heaven is just a newcomers hope.

faith doesn’t guide me…

it blinds my reason, in an all enveloping eloquence-

Coming home the streets were empty

the clouds blanketed the sky and its been much cleaner before.

This might be the last time we ever here from one another

maybe the last words anyone reads so


The streets seem weathered by peoples presence, and the silence is deafening,

In the faces of men and women I see God, and in my
own face in the glass,
I find letters from God dropt in the street, and every
one is sign’d by God’s name,
And I leave them where they are, for I know that
wheresoe’er I go,
Others will punctually come for ever and ever.




my love letters are lost in Alaska,

all those times

gadgets go misplaced and my words take so long to reach you

will you come back-

can you ever journey to the subtropics

the heat is unbearable but your presence is desired

we make all the wrong choices being truthful

strategy tells me to avoid the flux of our love

when the ultimate love was sought

it is, was you-

waving good byes

past letters

and this is my parting letter

the words that will tell you the other place is (ok) for me

it’s important to say because we never wanted to stay-

the best gift was that of everything and everything is nothing all at once

fear was what they made me feel and others felt my wrath

take me home and let me show you who we could be when we don’t worry about anything and everything-

don’t laugh you’ll be there one day (where now we go, you will too)

and to say it was said before has no meaning when no one can speak in the nothing

and everything is said and still nothing is heard the same- silent noise


all my love letters are mailed to Alaska

just- to ask her

come back to me

come and you can see

she can relax between all the cracks

please just ask her

in a

love letter to Alaska,

all the stamps mark my defeat

if only it was OK to cheat

not sure all my words were meant to be pure

not like filtered water

or canon fodder

she won’t forget at all

my love letters are mailed to Alaska

in the form of choruses


to you

from me

here’s a seashell

from the seashore


-first the sands were,

under my feet

-you were so far away

what was found, is given

receive my shell,

return it to the sea,

revisit the beach

hear the ocean

bury the dead

under the waters

existential import

Harmonious lucidity over seas-

if you see birds land is near, the birds don’t fly that way,

following my reality to its end & my reality follows its end

hope is just having enough life, to take me to the next level

alone and venturing forward, speaking of which land to go to

its no waste to go nowhere or there or anywhere

Between classes

Nothing can tell the story better than,

she was the girl, the elite-

with every move she carried her self in an unimaginable uncaring perfection that balanced

harmony with grace.



she wrote- inside my book of sketches-

There’s a letter on the desktop. I dug it out of a drawer. The last truce we ever came to in an adolescent war. And I start to feel the fever of the warm air in between. It comes regular like seasons shadowing my dream. And there’s not enough room in this world for my pain- signals cross and love gets lost and time passed makes it plain. Of all my demon spirits I need you the most. I’m in love with your ghost. I burn your presence and you know how I feel. To be awakened like Achilles w/you always at my heels. I’ve never been this shallow, so shallow I can’t touch- the waves are strong the wind is fine but the river is to deep. I am baptized by your touch I am no worse than most-

I’m in love with your ghost.

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