Shadow art,

I’m not your friend, and you heard me right-

Trash when illuminated upon creates shadow art,

-that’s the greatest art I’ve seen in a along time,

better than,

-nipple art piercings, its a sex thing.

just the simple, a pardon that’s equally good,


The only way to live is without rules,

and I doubt that, faith in me can be lost but not in the people,

things must get worst before they may get better,

Then it’s, always more expensive, to see the garbage, to…

-get the mad man.

Your in my home, the house where you come to.

the people who to me are the madmen,

know the good from the bad and they come here-

where there is good and bad and nothing and everything

from my house.

Its not the shadows we must focus on being the art,

its the trash that makes it art and attracts the flies,

-caught my attention and even though the bad does so,

the good does so

and so there is only a human “so”

in dreams the shadows are evil, I n the night it’s the point between night and day