Rhythm and Melody

Today there was an accident, and a man looked confused, another was walking away. A memory appeared out of a time when- they experienced an accident.

When once we acted like god, when being consistent allows for spontaneity, a frog did not die.

To write one must organize, to think one must organize,

organized my thoughts of words,

organized my words to form my thoughts and realized the same accident-

They had gone through another persons’ feeling of anguish. They smiled to think about when it was and when it is. So far away their thought- that person will be OK, even if they don’t look it. We made the deadline opposing all organization and realized what was speeding up.

There was a book and it was not wanted by its owner. Poetry written, He thought was a class below writing your poetry, like a musician who likened music making and not listening- he was too close and too far away, from the source material. Sometimes you have to get Skittled out and get gay with it. There’s a reason why, we know all the information we don’t use on a regular basis, and because it is so we ought to rethink review or reanimate the thought process.

Content needs more,

-forgetting all about it?

Needs, more content is what was heard in a ringing manner and Obscure has a tendency.