again and now

time, was leaving me behind-

What else could happen,

we hadn’t seen it all- hadn’t seen the truth and it was a ways off.

Now and then, the beginning can be reminisced upon and when you don’t know is one thing but then again in the end it means something too.
It was real to feel the first rush, it’s never enough later on and then even later

it all becomes harder to see the glow around people and my light isn’t dark it just isn’t bright.

In the night the lights shine brighter and the real thing is to be submerged in darkness because during the day is not where it all comes from. The dark- Matter of facts depend, it is a bit amazing even a bit peculiar to think any answers that anyone prepossess is accurate.

time, Deconstruction- told me, let objects go, reserving beliefs for their doubts.