Thinking of beginnings and how beautiful things start

It dawned on me- how ugly, would this end.

Leaning toward getting some more, brought the reoccurring thought of the end- of death, and how the void was engulfing me wrapping itself around my essence. It was far too late, at any point now it will definitely be consuming, it will be the void that consumes, with its lack of essence- and the mystery can only be cured- once again into the fire, with arms wide opened my embrace held me, comfort warm, and self gratifying.

Looking into the nothing it was a long time, since the darkness crept out of its self and showed me the reflection of my face. It was a hallucination that brought me to know that it was my own self that had agreed to play games with my perception- the darkness is me and the void looks back and smiles because knowing was half understanding.

So long agony and despair with just myself- with my illusions my hallucinations must occur.