-humanity was outside, outside the world was filled with a reality that nauseated my senses. Love had torn me apart, again and again, I was left with the living embodiment of all the people in and out of my life. The wind was blowing me back now and the words were ringing in my head- take me away from here. Sympathy for humanity ,was not far from my grasp and still sadness surrounds me in the dark- take me away from here. Sentiments for others had always been asleep inside me and all I wanted to do was wake them so as to take care of someone else. It was how special and unique my thoughts were to me, in the way showing my caring could be absorbed by others. There was no moral distinction it was a mere principle of reflection, my sentiments for others. The common experience will always be us, it is the evidence that we are alive, and it seems as if though it’s a natural understanding an element of loneliness- and sympathy has my personal merit.

It wasn’t until I felt old that I knew what it was like to be young. Only the lucky get to feel fuzzy headed the young man told the seniors. We all get there and there’s no right and wrong, there is no better- there is only different.