He had thought he loved her to distraction, he had regarded his passion as adoration; and behold it was only a poor little evanescent partiality.

Mark Twain
life is like glass transparent and fragile

life is like glass transparent and fragile

back to writing-

back to writing-

Sedan weapons training

outside the car you couldn’t see the length of time it had lived through.

with a little smoke and some watery nights even then you still didn’t notice it.

Unassuming, and a weapon in disguise,

on the inside all the true love she had for everything showed and it could be further assumed that this was, because-

but the mere surface of the facade that lay at the foundation was for far better uses.

Is mortals’ chiefest enemy.

v.32 Shakespeare, Macbeth

-the beach looks so much more beautiful, before you know what it means.

living with pain and suffering, is a privilage

everyday, will never be the same-

Everyday will take its toll,

You are no better than the rest, no more lucky than anyone else-

your injuries will never be forgotten-

only the lucky get old,

and senility is the end of the beginning.

building facade-

building facade-

this changes nothing-

this changes nothing-

thought of the day-

-people who back into parking spaces, are in a rush to leave and not in a hurry to get to there destination.

Life isn’t about
Waiting for the
Storm to pass.
Its about learning
How to dance
In the rain…

Vivian Greene

the greatest mistake you can make is thinking you can’t make one-

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