Life isn’t about
Waiting for the
Storm to pass.
Its about learning
How to dance
In the rain…

Vivian Greene

the greatest mistake you can make is thinking you can’t make one-

time is running out

All the time in the world,

the time has come, all the clocks had the wrong time

and still there was so much more time to

laugh it up

he was the type to act out scenes instead of singing songs when he was alone,

and he didn’t know any better- he asked me once to get away,

thinking back to all those times

we were lucky to have one another’s company,

and he asked me to get away, the thought process was stuck

and sometimes we miss the ones that make us who we are,

who we became-

He gave away everything he had to,

he gave me everything he had to give,

taking was my pleasure and giving was their error

and he asked me once again to get away.

is your
shape it or
else will.

gary, lew

The answer is longer than the question.



George M. Moore, jr.

Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.

Cherokee Proverb
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never open closed windows- from the outside.

never open closed windows- from the outside.

my connection is fading out

All the wrong things had pointed me to the right choice.

At the same time-

You were the best that all my wrong choices pointed me to, delivered in shadows.

At the same time, it wasn’t my fault, it wasn’t your privilege, it was our blessing and all the time had been spent thinking of all the other things.

Our diplomatic manners had principles of ethics- but at the wrong time.

This message had been understood many times and it was only through trying to redefine old terms that proof was found and paved a path to the past.

-at the same time, Hearing what you wanted brought you back, to a different music. The harmony is off and the discord is present but at times the rhythm seems consistent.

Before one can be close, we must learn to be close afar.

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