Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.

Cherokee Proverb
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never open closed windows- from the outside.

never open closed windows- from the outside.

my connection is fading out

All the wrong things had pointed me to the right choice.

At the same time-

You were the best that all my wrong choices pointed me to, delivered in shadows.

At the same time, it wasn’t my fault, it wasn’t your privilege, it was our blessing and all the time had been spent thinking of all the other things.

Our diplomatic manners had principles of ethics- but at the wrong time.

This message had been understood many times and it was only through trying to redefine old terms that proof was found and paved a path to the past.

-at the same time, Hearing what you wanted brought you back, to a different music. The harmony is off and the discord is present but at times the rhythm seems consistent.

Before one can be close, we must learn to be close afar.


Everybody wants to like and not admit they dislike.

Two friends hiding from one another

-it was bad, it had gone to worse before but, never like this.

the four walls around me laugh and prosecute every second of my frame in this cell

leaving me to die in an airless room was becoming my ironic disaster

my hearts beating rapidly and it seems like my vision is haunting me with my eyes closed waiting for my suffocation.

The devil let me know what had happened and brought me back to this style of reality-

in my cell he left me to wait, he said it would take my curiosity to dare its self further,

selling the last thing in my possession would be the end.

But- it was not being able to deal with the pride of responsibility allowed for the sins of the father to come to fruition.


It means more to some-

It means more to receive something someone wants you to have than to get something you really want.

Don’t be afraid to be late.




Nothing ought to keep us from directing our observation to our own selves or from applying our thought to criticism of itself.


In getting what i wanted i acquired more than i needed.

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