Everybody wants to like and not admit they dislike.

Two friends hiding from one another

-it was bad, it had gone to worse before but, never like this.

the four walls around me laugh and prosecute every second of my frame in this cell

leaving me to die in an airless room was becoming my ironic disaster

my hearts beating rapidly and it seems like my vision is haunting me with my eyes closed waiting for my suffocation.

The devil let me know what had happened and brought me back to this style of reality-

in my cell he left me to wait, he said it would take my curiosity to dare its self further,

selling the last thing in my possession would be the end.

But- it was not being able to deal with the pride of responsibility allowed for the sins of the father to come to fruition.


It means more to some-

It means more to receive something someone wants you to have than to get something you really want.

Don’t be afraid to be late.




Nothing ought to keep us from directing our observation to our own selves or from applying our thought to criticism of itself.


In getting what i wanted i acquired more than i needed.


dear Alaska,

I’m never as much in Love with you as when your not with me.

Time after time and day after day of our months together,

my feelings were never as resonating

discord was left to shelter us away from one another

it failed in the end, it wasn’t what it was

it wasn’t, It was a privileged failure

Your company left me lonely, to feel your presence left me privileged.

Saying goodbye was hard and understanding how to like it was my responsibility, to fall for you one last time to fall for your memory, your haunting impression upon my past.

My so Called Death

Have i told you lately about Death? You make me whole and having you so far far away makes me yearn for your presence and nothing compares to your company and all your beauty.

Can I close my eyes- see your lips and feel your eyes pierce my heart?

your hair’s so soft-

Death can understand how a man can push forward even through the most difficult of times.
Not sure why i wanted to say these things other just because you drive me crazy- in a good way,

if I’m being honest.

Yours, and you cry mine

death, you know what to say-

it was mistake to enslave me,

she marked me, with her torture

short of breath, my body isn’t sweating, and it’s hard to see

what was going on was nothing to do with self abuse,

how had this all come to be?

murder, rape, these things had never crossed my mind other than, being better than cancer.

it can’t take me down, but my body’s sick

her bite made me melt, and her taste gave me life.

There’s nothing to lose, nothing to gain, there’s nothing waiting for me- Or so thinking to myself allows me to do what it is that happens every other time.

Wanting to Listen to Somethings

Excuse me,

I read your palm the other day,

excuse me,

thinking about about what to say I read your palm but ended up reading my own.

all by myself

Wanting to listen to somethings

the next lie was approaching but it was truth and it hummed loudly of the truth

it was false it was from the truth that it came it was loud, and it could not be escaped it was thought, inside it was loud it yelled so loud it was silent, but it meant no harm and so it was deadly like so many things, it was natural- Blinded by its power, my malice was exposed- ecumenically dull with intent and blinding with brightness, the strength of its exposure was pain.

Loud piercing sting of pain it relieves the void.

Balance is like a childhood ballet played out in the symphony of past memories-

long since youth was over yet still over and over the reoccurring thoughts recycle the happiness of over

and over

in rhythm and harmony an artificial world creates imperfections

the sweet ending sleep of reality.

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