walking along the shore

There came a day to say goodbye to Love-

It was on this coincidental day when we take a walk,

you can hold my hand but we choose to turn every once and awhile to look at each other.

we’re young and this sets the stage for every other time, we share something into the future.

it was drawn out, long winded and wordy, small words being thrown back and forth.

it feels like a story form, from foam, from forms of foam, it’s stormy remembering it was about- Love.

my eyes can’t keep themselves off your lips and they’re drowned in your eyes

why my being melts is a wonder to me

but existence is priceless

Careless she is with artful care,
  Affecting to seem unaffected.


You should never be too far from where you could be at.


Ni siquiera tenía que respirar para vivir su muerte.

change of weather

change of weather

Tomorrow Never Waits-

nothing in common

Should have known better

should have known, something

just what we think

the shape- ways

in the end it is

it’s Trying to change, and its all the same

right back at the start of the end

was it all wrong or was it all different

and the shapes are never the same

you can’t complete that which is not complete on its own

slipping between the moments

the keys can be heard and the doors are always better opened

let me close the doors

nobody knows

the person that opens the door-

that life is like glass transparent and fragile

it’s like… you know what i mean?

you know?

you know-

stop saying that- your repeating yourself

lets go back to the beginning, so…

-and then

it was all out and nothing matters- it was me, it was, her, now that i remember.

you know it all seems so far away and an age can be lived in one’s years.

Yeah that’s how it started, when direction was in flux, & the beach looks so much more beautiful when you don’t know what it means.

do what makes you happy- thats all

So this conversation has to happen- that’s what you think.

the most important thing is to just do , don’t over think don’t second guess,

do it how you want to do it, my way.

does it matter how to feel

how do you feel?

does anything change

do you want to hear what to say

where does what to say come from,

nothing can change the past-

to be in love and to feel love for someone,

we can’t be sold on love & security

And then,

there’s a couple of things to remember about, the then and the now-

purpose changes, and it’s hard sometimes to remember and within time there’s feelings

saying good bye was always hard when traveling, in the end though one always comes home-

sometimes home has no heart

goodbye time, goodbye-

letting go was easy when you had only to get rid of time, only to forget the past

it was all too easy and it means more just to waste times

the house was abandoned and she yelled at the top of her lungs.

cough up the blood and tell me what it taste like,

Acid in the mouth with a foul feeling in the stomach,

something was wrong, something was the matter-

My broken heart told me my last poem was based on a true story

it won’t help-

this changes nothing.

The grass is always greener when, that sounds good-

day tripper

further between the lines

it turned into the worst

right back at the start of things

seeing the back of my head led me to realize

every time there’s going to be one more thing to learn

tomorrow waits for no one,

between the years time had given the seasons

between the end, time had forgotten its beginning

she told me everything that had to be heard

she told me never to forget her name

she said bring me security

bring me to the future

tell me all the worries of the unknown

bring me between my thoughts and tell me-

who you are

is who i am

Then, perhaps, because of it, I could remember my life without repugnance.

ferns are taking over-

ferns are taking over-

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