Death is the leveling agent-

C-54 Artist is best known for drawing the cover of the Cramps album “Bad music for Bad People”

C-54 Artist is best known for drawing the cover of the Cramps album “Bad music for Bad People”

we’re doing our own things

In my dreams,

we played a game, and you asked me what rules to play by-

if we were alone, we could never have found something different,

It was all the other things

that made me want to be a little bit, different

and it was all those others that made me want to be me

it was

and it now is,



things are never as they seem,

and there are given-s and takes

no rights

no wrongs,


but different

and patience

has weight like gravity and nothing like genocide

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it never sounded better than when spoken from your own mouth

thanks for telling the truth its value is not static,

different times call for the same actions,

forget about the slap stick mouth wash, and the blind sided.

Change lanes,

and think about it,

what was the real question about?

life, death the meaning-

to live is to die, but to die is to not live.

life was for the sell outs for the up and comers the new kids on the block

oh those girls just love the crazy boys


it means so much to me, to see this- it was just a matter of time, like gravity

the unknown force says, goodbye

a place like every other

a place like every other

walking along the shore

There came a day to say goodbye to Love-

It was on this coincidental day when we take a walk,

you can hold my hand but we choose to turn every once and awhile to look at each other.

we’re young and this sets the stage for every other time, we share something into the future.

it was drawn out, long winded and wordy, small words being thrown back and forth.

it feels like a story form, from foam, from forms of foam, it’s stormy remembering it was about- Love.

my eyes can’t keep themselves off your lips and they’re drowned in your eyes

why my being melts is a wonder to me

but existence is priceless

Careless she is with artful care,
  Affecting to seem unaffected.


You should never be too far from where you could be at.


Ni siquiera tenía que respirar para vivir su muerte.

change of weather

change of weather

Tomorrow Never Waits-

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